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Tuesday, July 01 2014

What a day this has been!

We have been with the King, and He has met us at a pivital point of our lives, He gave us a Karios Moment.

"Kairos" Defined- (kiros)

A Greek word meaning time, moment of destiny. 
A kairos moment is a critical moment in time, characterized by good fortune, favorable opportunity and urgency; of short duration which must be seized or it will be lost; a kairos moment is a moment that manifests destiny.
You are never prepared for the moment that changes your life. You've made decisions, set your goals, laid out your plans. 
Everything you have experienced is preparation for a single defining moment, a kairos moment. 
Well that is just what we experienced today was a Kairos moment, we had such an amazing service with signs, wonders, and miracles. God always shows up where He is welcomed, I am truly stoked by what we saw, heard, and seen. We were in the midst of people who were expecting the the power of God to be manifested among us.
People were healed, restored, saved and so much more. Today was a true Kairos Moment for many, and you can experience His power right where you are as well, just ask Him and He will.
Praying for you to have a Kairos moment this week.
Blessings to you,
Pastor Carl
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email usour twitterour facebook page
email usour twitterour facebook page
email usour twitterour facebook page
email usour twitterour facebook page
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